Doing Formal Grounded Theory: A proposal (2006)

Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. $38.00
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In this book, I am merely trying to put forth and encourage formal
grounded theory into its rightful place in the world of
social-psychological research. It neatly fits into the "golden age of
rigorous qualitative analysis". It shows the reader that formal
grounded theory is not the development of theoretical codes, nor grand
speculative theory. It is purely and simply the conceptual extension of
the general implications of a core category.


Chapter 1
Doing Formal Theory
Chapter 2
Forestalling Doing FGT
Chapter 3
Conceptual Generalizing
Chapter 4
Generalizing: The Descriptive Struggle
Chapter 5
Generating Formal Theory
Chapter 6
The Uses of Formal Grounded Theory