Doing Quantitative Grounded Theory (2008)

Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D, Hon. Ph.D.. $38.00
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The purpose of QGT, like substantive GT generated from qualitative data, is to generate conceptual theory.  QGT is NOT generated to test or correct theory.  There is nothing negative to say about testing hypotheses but it is not the purpose of QGT. volume into the future.  QGT is just another approach to quantitative data  analysis that can add to, transcend and modify extant theory, as qualitative GT does. This book is based on the successive stages of building up to the generated QGT.  I discuss first the relation of quantitative to qualitative data, then  the most frequent sources data for QGT – secondary analysis. Then I turn to crude index formation to indicate a core variable and subcore concepts and their properties.  Then I turn to how one discovers conceptual hypotheses with conceptual indexes and  single item indices by theoretical elaboration analysis.  The result is a conceptual multivariate QGT


Chapter 1
The History of GT Based on Quantitative Methodology
Chapter 2
Testing vs Generating Theory
Chapter 3
Quantitative &/or vs. Qualitative
Chapter 4
Secondary Analysis
Chapter 5
Concepts and Crude Indices
Chapter 6
Discovering Hypotheses
Chapter 7
Examples of Elaboration Grounded Theory
Chapter 8
The Local Cosmopolitan Scientist: An example of QGT
Chapter 9
Brief  Conclusion