Using the Grounded Theory Vocabulary (2009) by Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon Ph.D. $ 38.00
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Jargon is a vocabulary of action by which to talk about what is going on. Most fields have their jargon.  Few do not.  Jargonizing cannot be stopped.  It is needed.  It can be very meaningful, properly so, for a field.    In this book I am writing about jargoning as just words with little or no real meaning, but sounding good and knowledgeable when talking about an area that one knows little or nothing about.   Jargonizing continually regenerates the GT vocabulary wrongly as it is being applied to QDA concerns. Grounded theory is the buzzword in academic circles doing QDA research.  Even though jargonizing cannot be stopped it can be explained and seen for what it is and its consequences in eroding and remodeling GT as originated.   In this book I shall deal with the jargonizing of qualitative data analysis (QDA) with the powerful grab of GT vocabulary which jargonizing has lost the GT meanings behind the vocabulary.  Jargonizing seems to hide from the jargonizer as well as the listener the fact that very often they simply do not know what they are talking about.  Especially when it is accompanied by a high degree of (unjustifiable) certainty 


Chapter 1
Jargonizing: The Use of the Grounded Theory Vocabulary
Chapter 2
Data Worries
Chapter 3
Fitting GT with QDA Fields
Chapter 4
Teaching Conceptualization: Jargonized Teaching
Chapter 5
Jargonized Lofty Talk
Chapter 6
Multiple Versions of GT