ANGUISH: Case Study of a Dying Patient:

(1970) by Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. and Anselm Strauss, Ph.D $38.00
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This is the story of a lingering, dying trajectory - a long-term course of dying in a hospital. The shape of this trajectory had two major features: it was of long duration, and it moved slowly but steadily downward. When people die this way in America, most often they spend their last days, weeks, or even months in hospitals where an assessment of their condition is continually made. As this assessment varies, staff members give them medical and nursing care - a hospital career -appropriate to each phase.  At the end of each chapter, Strauss and Glaser have added a theoretical commentary based on the theory reported in their two earlier books on awareness and trajectories and on a theory of "pain management" as yet unpublished. These theories are both substantive and grounded in the area of dying.


Chapter 1
The Case of a lingering, Dying Trajectory
Chapter 2
The Death
Chapter 3
The Pain
Chapter 4
The Last Days
Chapter 5
Comments: Theoretical and Practical
Chapter 6
Case Histories and Case Studies