The Search for Identity (1969) By Anselm L. Strauss, Ph.D. $ 38.00
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This book is a classic formal theory of identity. It deals with the search and transformation of identity. Identity as a concept is fully as elusive as everyone’s sense of his own personal identity. Nevertheless, what­ever else it may be, identity is connected with the fateful appraisals made of oneself—by oneself and by others. Everyone presents himself to others and to himself and sees himself in the mirrors of their judgements. The masks he then and thereafter pre­sents to the world and its citizens are fashioned upon his anticipations of their judgements.


Chapter 1
Language and Identity
Chapter 2
Self-Appraisals and the Course of Action
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Transformations of Identity
Chapter 5
Change and Continuity
Chapter 6
Membership and History
Chapter 7
A Concluding Note