Organizational Careers:

A sourcebook for theory (1968) edited by Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. (Chicago: Aldine Publishing Co.) $ 45.00
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Organizations obtain work from people by offering them some kind of career within their structures.  The operation of organizations, therefore, depends on people assuming a career orientation toward them.  To generate this orientation, organizations distribute rewards, working conditions, benefits and prestige to their members according to career level.  Thus, these benefits are properties of the organizational career. This book is a formal theory of organizational careers generated from 63 research articles on aspects of careers.


Part I
Toward a theory of organizational careers
Part II
Recruitment to organizational careers
Part III
Career motivations within the organization
Part IV
Loyalty and commitment to the organizational career
Part V
Sources and strategies of promotion
Part VI
Managing demotion
Part VII
Organizational succession
Moving between organizations
Part IX
Executive and worker career patterns