How to Make Money Safely (1969) by David J. Crabtree and Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. $ 38.00
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The purpose of this 155-page book, the first of its kind, is to make private investors aware of the increasing opportunity available to them by investing in second deeds of trust. The authors explain why and how investors can make high returns on their money by investing in short term, well secured real estate loans.  Realtors may use this book to learn the diverse uses, benefits and necessities of second deeds of trusts in the buying, selling and closing of real estate transactions, particularly the smaller down payment purchase. It will increase their volume of business, which will be reflected in their earnings.  Homeowners will learn how to borrow on their homes according to their needs by making the most effective use of the equity in their property. The loan broker will be aided by this book in explaining to his investors the sometimes complex details of evaluating loans, why people borrow, servicing loans, foreclosure procedures, prepayment benefits, and structuring portfolios. It will give the loan broker a broader view of the business he is transacting, such as understanding the needs of his investors, consulting with and advising his investors so they will gain confidence in his ability and trust his judgement, and co-operating with Realtors and their clients. It will help the loan broker develop a professional approach to his business.


Part I
The Nature of Second Deeds of Trust
A Natural History of Second Deed of Trust Financing
Deeds of Trust as Security
Why People Borrow on Real Property
Part II
The Management of Second Loans
Choosing a Qualified loan Broker
Evaluating and Buying Second Deeds of mist
Servicing the Loan
Managing Delinquencies, Defaults, and Foreclosures
The Benefits of Discounts, Penalties and Payoffs
Part III
Investment Planning
Reinvestment and Structuring Your Portfolio
Second Deeds of Trust Compared to Other Investments