Conceptualization Contrasted with Description (2001) Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon. Ph.D. $ 38.00
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This book addresses a number of ideas that a GT researcher may not have yet considered or realized. It will help the novice GT researcher attempting a PhD research project to deal with the questions and concerns of those individuals whose training has been formed in other qualitative data analysis (QDA) and quantitative methodological perspectives. All will benefit from the book’s focus on the distinction Dr. Glaser articulates between conceptualization and description.


Chapter 1
The Grounded Theory Perspective
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Conceptualization Contrasted with Description: Analysis
Chapter 4
Conceptualization Contrasted with Description: Data Collection
Chapter 5
Modification Contrasted with Testing
Chapter 7
Conceptual Generalizing
Chapter 8
The Conceptual Problem
Chapter 9
The Research Proposal: Doability
Chapter 10
The Research Proposal: Methodology, Etc.
Chapter 11
"All Is Data"
Chapter 12
Theoretical Sampling and Theoretical Interviewing
Chapter 13
Constant Comparison and Core Confusion
Chapter 14
Adopt and Adapt