Description's Remodeling of Grounded Theory (2003) by Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon Ph.D. $ 38.00
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This book discusses at length the remodeling by default of GT methodology by ascendant methods of qualitative data analysis. Its effort is to free GT from many aspects and procedures of descriptive, qualitative methods, which remodel GT so it can be fully conceptual. The simple view of this book is that the researcher, who has to achieve a GT product to move on with respect to career and skill development, is often blocked by QDA requirements. Over the 34 years since Discovery of Grounded Theory was first published the “adapt, adopt, co-opt, corrupt assault of QDA on GT has remodeled it, hence blocked in a myriad of ways the procedural generation and analysis of GT”. Dr. Glaser discusses many of these blocks so that the reader can begin to see these and many other blocks to GT, however subtle.


Chapter 1
Remodeling GT Analysis
Chapter 2
Data Management: Computer Data Collection
Chapter 3
Data Management: Computer Analysis
Chapter 4
Earned Relevancy
Chapter 5
The Novice GT Researcher
Chapter 6
Choosing a Methodology
Chapter 7
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Chapter 8
Competitive Analytic Differences
Chapter 9
Credidbility of Grounded Theory
Chapter 10
Different Approaches of QDA Methodologists
Chapter 11
Constructivist Grounded Theory
Chapter 12
Naturalist Inquiry and Grounded Theory
Chapter 13
General Remodeling