Theoretical Coding (2005) by Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon Ph.D.
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This book is about staying open to the emergent when doing grounded theory (GT). The full power of grounded theory comes with staying open to the emergent and to earned relevance throughout the whole GT methodology process, but especially so with regard to integrating a GT with emergent theoretical codes (TC). Researchers seem to have the most trouble at this stage of generating GT – sorting memos and writing up the theory with emergent TCs. This book troubleshoots this problem by dealing with many facets of theoretical coding. It discusses TC emergence, new TCs, several sources of forcing TCs , the power of TCs, and grand TCs based on theoretical perspectives. The goal of these discussions is to help the researcher in staying open to the non-forced, non-preconceived discovery of emergent TCs.


Chapter 1
Staying Open
Chapter 2
New Theoretical Codes
Chapter 3
The Emergence of Theoretical Codes
Chapter 4
The Emergence of Theoretical Codes: Issues
Chapter 5
No Emergent Theoretical Codes
Chapter 6
The Power of Theoretical Coding
Chapter 7
Forcing Theoretical Codes
Chapter 8
“Pet” Theoretical Codes
Chapter 9
Theoretical Perspectives, Disciplines and Theoretical Codes
Chapter 10
The Impact of Symbolic Interaction on Grounded Theory