The Grounded Theory Seminar Reader (2007)

Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. & Judith A. Holton, Ph.D., Eds. $55.00

The humble purpose of this Reader is to help researchers, especially PhD candidates, doing GT keep to the rigorous procedures of the methodology by exampling.  Its further purpose is also to inspire the doing of GT by the conceptual “grab” of these papers and also to show GT’s diverse worldwide use by many disciplines.  These papers are a result, in part, of work in the GT Troubleshooting seminars held over the past ten years in the USA and northern Europe.  There are many dimensions to exampling that will benefit those who read this volume. For the novice, of course, exampling shows the way, inspires their efforts to achieve a GT thesis or dissertation and motivates their efforts to persist through the process of learning and applying the methodology. For the more experienced grounded theorist, exampling offers the delight of reading grounded theories from a diverse range of disciplines and discovering new concepts that capture with imagery and spin with general application beyond the paper at hand.

Like the earlier Readers, this Reader serves as companion to Dr. Glaser’s methodological works. Cycling through Discovery (1967), Theoretical Sensitivity (1978), Doing (1998) and the Perspectives series (2001, 2003, 2005), reading and re-reading them and turning to the Reader to see how others have used the methodology will energize and stimulate the theorist’s grasp and sensitivity to the conceptual power of classic GT.


  • Moral Reckoning, Alvita K. Nathaniel
  • Visualizing Worsening Progressions, Tom Andrews, Heather Waterman
  • Pluralistic dialoguing: A theory of interdisciplinary teamworking, Antoinette McCallin
  • Solutioning, Maria de Hoyos
  • Keeping My Ways of Being: Middle-aged women dealing with the passage through menopause, Helene Ekström, Johanna Esseveld, Birgitta Hovelius
  • Developing a Science of One: The ongoing process of integration, Cheri Ann Hernandez
  • Rehumanising Knowledge Work through Fluctuating Support Networks: A grounded theory, Judith A. Holton
  • Stabilising of Life: Families living with cancer, Aino-Liisa Jussila
  • The Temporal Integration of Connected Study into a Structured Life, Helen Scott
  • Beyond the Physical Realm: A proposed theory regarding a consumer’s place experience, Mark Rosenbaum
  • Purposive Attending: How people get the news from the news, Vivian B. Martin
  • Mutual Intacting: A grounded theory of clinical judgment in advanced practice in nursing, Naomi Elliot
  • Opportunizing, Óluvar Christiansen
  • Sugar Snacking: An emerging grounded theory of parents’ policing strategies to regulate between-meal snacking, Ruth Freeman, Richard Ekins, Michele Oliver
  • Striving for Emotional Survival in Palliative Cancer Nursing, Anna Sandgren, Hans Thulesius, Kerstin Petersson
  • The Miso Model: A synthesis and application of domestic violence concepts to leadership and organization theory, Jaclyn Gisburne
  • Balancing: A basic process in end-of-life cancer care, Hans Thulesius, Anders Håkansso, Kerstin Petersson
  • Veiling Sexuality: The development of a grounded theory in the area of sexuality and psychiatric/mental health nursing, Agnes Higgins
  • De-shaming for Believability: A grounded theory, Toke S. Barfod
  • Change-Enabling in a Salugenic Place, Susan B. Williams
  • Creative Cycling of News Professionals: A Grounded Theory, Astrid Gynnild
  • Protecting Professional Cool: A grounded theory of multicultural pediatric nursing, Pernilla Pergert,  Solvig Ekblad, Karin Enskär and Olle Björk
  • A Simpler Understanding of Classic GT: How it is a fundamentally different methodology, Óluvar Christiansen
  • Growing Open: The transition from QDA to Grounded Theory, Astrid Gynnild

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