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In writing Basics of Grounded theory Analysis (Sociology Press, 1992), it became obvious to me that what was needed by the myriad of Grounded Theory readers and users throughout die world was a book of examples of grounded theory papers and chapters. These researchers needed models for how the various facets of grounded theory look when brought together into an integrated piece. This applies to both analysis of qualitative and particularly quantitative data. This Reader is designed to achieve this purpose. The general purpose of the reader is exampling, not content and coverage. Any set of papers achieves this goal. I trust the reader will enjoy the content, but it is the theoretical construction of these papers that should by studied.


Remodeling GT AnQualitative Research Grounded Theoriesalysis
The Milkman and his Customer: A Cultivated Relationship by Odis E. Simmons
Touristry: A Type of Occupational Mobility by Ruth Pape
Cutting Back After a Heart Attack: An Overview by Patricia Dolan Mullen
Shouldering the Burden by Kathy Charmaz
Stepfather Families: Integration Around Child Discipline by Phyllis Noerager Stern
New Identities and Family Life: A Study of Mothers Going to College by Gilly West and Barney G. Glaser GT Analysis
Vagueness in the Haight Ashbury: A Study of Asocialization by Richard Rizzo
Routing: Getting Around with Emphysema by Shizuko Y. Fagerhaugh
Chronic Renal failure and the Problem of Funding by Barbara Suczek
Expressing Awe and Fading Out by Eleanor K. Maxwell
Fencing Processes by Eleanor K. Maxwell
Breaking Out: The Emergence of Autonomous Selfhood in Women Through Psychotherapy & the Women's Movement by lniia Zuckerman
Women Alone ii' Urban Public Places: Managing Approachability by Janet Tokerud
Life After Parenting: A Study of Single Mothers by Diane Lutovicli
Doing Time: A Grounded Analysis or the Altered Perception of Time in the Prison Setting and Its Effects by Judith L. Lee
Notes on the Expert-Layman Relationship by Barney G. Glaser
Sensualizing: The Sensual Context of Physical Touching by Carol Tyler
Deprivation of Privacy as a Functional Prerequisite": The Case of die Prison by Barry Schwartz
The Stages of Friendship Formation by D. Kelly Weisberg
The Social Loss of Dying Patients by Barney G. Glaser and Anselm L. Strauss
Quantitative Research Grounded Theories
Introduction to the Sociology of Taxation by Fred W. Taylor
Comparative Failure in Science by Barney G. Glaser
Attraction, Autonomy and Reciprocity in the Scientist-Supervisor Relationship by Barney G. Glaser
The Local-Cosmopolitan Scientist by Barney G. Glaser
A Measure of Apprehension: The Academic Mind in a Time of Crisis by Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Wagner Thielens, Jr.
The Nature of Apprehension by Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Wagner Thielens, Jr.
Concluding Remarks