A Reader (1994) edited by Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. $ 38.00
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This reader on grounded theory methodology continues corrections begun in Basics of Grounded Theory Analysis. It shows three main correctives.

1) One can use scholarship in advancing grounded theory methodology.

2) Articles from previous grounded theory books that were neglected by Strauss and Corbin and are seldom referred to in grounded theory are republished to revitalize traditional grounded theory and increase the researcher's armentorium of tools of research.

3) It looks at the generation of formal theory by use of grounded theory methodology.


Part I
Methodological Advances and Adaptations
Grounded Theory, by Odis E. Simmons
The Study of Basic Social Processes, by Odis E. Simmons, Stuart C. Hadden, and Barney G. Glaser
Discovering Chronic Illness: Using Grounded Theory, by Kathy Charmaz
The Grounded Theory Method: An Explication and interpretation, by Kathy Charmaz
The Grounded Theory Method: Its Uses and Processes. by Phyllis N. Stern
The Potential of Grounded Theory for Health Education Research: Linking Theory and Practice, by Patricia D. Mullen
The Practical Use of Awareness Theory, by Barney G. Glaser
Grounded Theory Methodology as a Resource for Doing Ethnomethodology, by Stuart C. Hadden and Marilyn Lester
Part II
Methodology Revisited
The Constant Comparative Method of Qualitative Analysis, by Barney G. Glaser
The Grounded Theoretical Elaboration of Qualitative Data, by Barney G. Glaser
Case Histories and Case Studies, by Barney G. Glaser and Anselm L Strauss
Secondary Analysis and Grounded Theory: The Use of Knowledge From Research Elsewhere, by Barney G. Glaser
Part III
Generating Grounded Formal Theory
Generating Formal Theory, by Barney G. Glaser
Organizational Careers: A Formal Theory, by Barney G. Glaser
Organizational Turnover: An Illustration of the Grounded Theory Approach to Theory Construction, by James Price
The Development of Generic Concepts in Qualitative Research Through Cumulative Application, by Jacqueline P. Wiseman
Awareness Contexts and Grounded Formal Theory, by Anselm L Strauss
Discovering New Theory From Previous Theory, by Anselm L. Strauss
Time, Structural Process, and Status Passage, by Barney G. Glaser and Anselm L. Strauss