No Preconceptions: the Grounded Theory Dictum

Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D. (2013) $38.00
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No Preconceptions: the Grounded Theory Dictum discusses at length how preconceived questions, problems and codes all block emergent coding, hence block classical GT. Preconceived field research is often flat or boring for its lack of grounded fit or relevance. There is no grab. Starting a GT research without knowing the participantís problems or concepts explaining their resolution is highly motivating, because the researcher starts the path to autonomous discovery. This is the path of knowing nothing about participantís main concerns to knowing an in-depth theory explaining how they resolve their main concerns.

Talbe of Contents

Chapter 1
No Preconception: The Dictum - 1
Chapter 2
Staying Open: The Use of Theoretical Codes in GT - 17
Chapter 3
Life Requires Preconception - 33
Chapter 4
Academic Preconception Impact: The Problem - 45
Chapter 5
Academic Preconception Impact on Coding - 67
Chapter 6
Preconception’s Impact on GT Research Process - 89
Chapter 7
Ending Thoughts - 119
Chapter 8
Working Through Preconception: Moving from Forcing to Emergence - 135
Preconception Experience in Grounded Theory Mentoring - 165